2019 Festival: Natural Math and Math On-A-Stick | National Math Festival
Adults and kids participating in an event

2019 Festival: Natural Math and Math On-A-Stick

Saturday May 4, 2019 from 10:00am - 4:00pm ET

Make patterns, tile with turtles, count, spiral and play your way to mathy delight! The fun is designed for preschool and primary-aged children, yet offers plenty to engage the minds of tweens, teens, and adults. Can you program algorithms without a computer? Can you learn calculus before you learn to tie your shoes? Where is algebraic geometry in paper snowflakes? Join the volunteers at Natural Math and Math-On-A-Stick to play with accessible, joyful, beautiful activities! Kind math adventures await.

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Math On-A-Stick

Math On-A-Stick is a fun family math event at the Minnesota State Fair. Children aged 2+ and their families and friends enjoy tiling, counting, spinning, creating, and most of all playing with numbers, patterns, and shapes. Learn more

Natural Math

Natural Math places the maker approach at the center of its mathematics education philosophy. Our motto: “Math is what you make it.” Our goal is to make advanced mathematics accessible to everyone in kind ways. For example, families with toddlers do projects on symmetry and tessellations, four-year-olds design function machines, and six-year-olds build fractal models of... Learn more