Math Rap (Double Feature) | National Math Festival

Math Rap (Double Feature)

Tuesday January 12, 2021 from 1:00pm - 2:00pm ET

Did you miss our January 12, 2021 NMF Live Performance Series event featuring math rap concerts by the Music Notes and Professor Lyrical? You can now view the video recording of this family-friendly event!

Math Rap Double Feature (2021 National Math Festival) from MSRI / National Math Festival.

Math Concert with the Music Notes (Starting at 01:41)

Math + Rap = Fun for the whole family! Join LaMar “Mr. Q-U-E” Queen and David “Mr. D” Landix for a math concert like you’ve never seen before. These teachers from Los Angeles, CA combine math and music to show that math is cool. Just don’t be surprised when you start dancing and singing along!

Hip Hop Math with Professor Lyrical (Starting at 21:23)

Professor Lyrical, a mathematics professor who is also a rapper, will demonstrate through performing, speaking and crowd participation how making rap songs — both written in advance and through improvisational “free-styling” — has helped him become a better mathematician and professor and, conversely, how the process of thinking like a mathematician has also helped him as a creative performer. The audience is welcomed to help create a rap song, as well as partake in some mathematical and logical activities. Performances are followed by a live freestyle rap session and Q&A with performers (starting at 36:39).

This event was hosted by Albert Sykes, Executive Director of IDEA: The Institute for Democratic Education in America, a supporter of public education for children in the U.S.

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Music Notes

Started in 2009 by middle school teachers in Los Angeles, California, Music Notes blends education and fun to create an unforgettable experience for students of all ages. We combine hip hop with our teaching experience to create high energy songs, music videos, and concert experiences that promote math education. We have traveled the country performing for hundreds of thousands of students and... Learn more

Professor Lyrical

Dr. Peter Michael Plourde (PKA "Professor Lyrical") is an artist and educator known for using the positive aspects of Hip Hop culture to empower citizens to self-advocate for socioeconomic change. A master craftsman lyricist, he has consistently published rap records in heavy rotation on both college and mix show formats—for two different groups (Invasion and X-Caliber) and as an award-winning... Learn more