2019 Festival: Board Games Galore! | National Math Festival

2019 Festival: Board Games Galore!

At this year’s National Math Festival, a new activity room dedicated to playing and sharing your favorite mathy board games will be available to attendees of all ages to take a game break with friends and family. Learn more below!

A young player contemplates his next move in Tsuro
A young player contemplates
his next move in Tsuro.

By Kirsten Bohl, Outreach Producer
Mathematical Sciences Research Institute

Join us at the 2019 National Math Festival for a chance to “show and play” your favorite math-related board games. Haven’t got a favorite to bring? No worries! Instead, discover someone else’s and play along…

As a maze lover, I personally have spent hours playing Labyrinth and Tsuro with the young people in my life. I’ve also enjoyed the card game SET.

I’m very curious to see what mathy board games you will bring to the Festival to share!

Seeking mathy board game inspiration? Here are some of our favorites from our More Math! resource list: