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Mathematics in Motion

Dr. Evans Harrell is an emeritus mathematics professor at Georgia Tech, co-founder of the educational nonprofit Mathematics in Motion, and co-founder of the Atlanta Science Festival, an annual event attracting over 50,000 participants each March. He and collaborators have produced several shows in public places and at schools around Atlanta using performing arts to communicate science and mathematics.

Steven Creech is an undergraduate mathematics major at Georgia Tech concentrated in pure mathematics. He is the current president of Georgia Tech’s Club Math, where he organizes meetings that discuss mathematical puzzles and activities.


2019 Festival

Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival: How Can You Use Math to Game a Game Show? with Mathematics in Motion

Monty Hall, the host of Let’s Make a Deal, used to give contestants the chance to change their bets in a game show after showing them a hint. Should they or shouldn’t they? We’ll get students to try this out for themselves, think about the Monty Hall paradox, and learn about probabilities.