Dr. Lillian Pierce | National Math Festival

Dr. Lillian Pierce

Duke University

Dr. Lillian Pierce grew up home-schooled in a small town in California, where she developed a life-long fondness for Renaissance music and perfectly ripe avocados. She then studied mathematics at Princeton, where she graduated as valedictorian, and as a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford, before earning her doctorate in mathematics at Princeton in 2009. She subsequently was a postdoc at the Institute for Advanced Study, a Marie Curie Fellow at Oxford, and a Bonn Junior Fellow at the Hausdorff Center for Mathematics. She is currently Associate Professor of Mathematics at Duke University. Her research in mathematics centers on questions in number theory and harmonic analysis. As an educator, she aims to convey both the beauty and the practical relevance of mathematics in our lives. In addition, she is working with a wide array of mathematicians and organizations to generate a 21st century mathematics community, which welcomes everyone.