Nancy Scherich | National Math Festival

Nancy Scherich

University of California, Santa Barbara

Nancy Scherich is a graduate student at the University of California, Santa Barbara working on her Ph.D. in mathematics. She has been a dancer for her entire life, and recently she has decided to mix her passions of math and dance together. In addition to her research, she creates Math-Dance productions using dance to illustrate the beauty of higher mathematics.

2019 Festival: Make or Take Spiral

Illustration of stick figures dancing around a maypole

Maypole dancing meets mathematical patterning—come join the dance! Mathematician and dancer Nancy Scherich will lead this event for ages 8 and up. Participants will weave ribbons into beautiful and mathematically interesting designs. Start your day at the Festival with this full-body, full-color activity that will get your creative juices flowing.

To participate in making the maypole, come to Hall D (Level 2) promptly at 10am. Later in the day the Math Maypole will remain on display for all to enjoy.